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      To cut a long story short, my parents are looking for PP on amenity land – their own privately owned land within a town boundary. They want PP for one house for themselves – they already live in the town beside the site but the house is no longer suitable, better to re-build and sell the current house.

      Anyway, their land was zoned amenity in the last plan as it once had trees on it (they’re long gone now). At the time of the zoning they didn’t make any representation to the Co. Co. The land also had previously been given PP for 5 houses but these had expired by the time of the re-zoning.

      What options are available to get PP for one house on this site (it’s about 6 acres). Can they challenge the zoning? Can a Co. Co zone private land as amenity when its not part of a larger development? Without explicitly informing the owners or are they supposed to respond as part of the general public consultation?


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      Unfortunately when land is zoned amenity, no dwellings are likely to be granted on it regardless of it being privately owned. The only option available to your parents is to make a submission to the local authority to have it re-zoned residential when they are preparing the next development plan. This generally happens every six years. Obviously there is no gaurentee the planning authority will take account of your parents submission.

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      You could also propose a Variation to the Development Plan or just apply for permission as a Material Contravention to the current plan. Talk to your area planner first before throwing money at it

Viewing 2 reply threads
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