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      how many people are happy in their jobs working as architects??I
      ‘m beginning to feel like I spent 5 years in college for nothing,
      I havent designed anything in months and am just doing window schedule after window schedule.
      I never go on site and never meet clients.
      I’m thinking of breaking out and starting up on my own.
      I dont want to go back to working in Dublin as this would be over an hours commute in traffic everyday.
      Are there any other alternatives available ??
      Am I being fussy or do I have justification for feeling this way?
      I work in a small country practice
      Just said I’d throw this one out there and see what advice you all have!

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      breaking out on your own without the right experience is crazy. you’ll need insurances, software licenses and facilities which would cripple me if i tried to make the break.

      talk to your boss or bosses and explain what you would like your role to be, otherwise polish that CV. everyone is hiring at the moment.

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      What about pastures new – like England for instance? If you have no comitments it’s worth thinking about. Assuming you are a year or two out of college and have no commitments and are keen on architecture I would scrape my portfolio together and approach an office whose oeuvre I admired.

      Starting on your own is not for the fainthearted unless you have done groundwork and have a commission or two.

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      Unfortunately I cannot change location. I do have more than enough work to start up on my own. Have worked in a big high profile office before and dont want to go back to that. Prefer having more responsibility in a smaller office. I am now 4 years working and am still not running my own jobs in the office- although I am outside of the office.

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