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      Brian L

      Hello all, I am a Building Contractor just looking for some advice on how it is best to approach you architects about getting on tender list for projects.
      I have considered cold calling and have a website (currently not online). I qualified as a Building Surveyor in 1999 but ended up going into the construction end.
      I have an excellent technical knowledge a quite a nice CV of one off houses and extensions. But with the current market as most of you will understand I am being priced out of it by the black-market and the economic climate. I always prefer being in design lead project where the architects is on control at least then if our tender for a project and you don’t get it on it’s because you wheren,t the most competitive not because the guy that was going to do it all along decided to match your price (Sorry I am starting to vent here)
      Anyway any advice would be great. Thanks

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      Cold writing/e-mailing with a booklet/attachment or leaflet with examples of your work gets you in the door, but there are a lot of firms which simply have no building work going out to tender at the present time.

      Under-pricing isn’t confined to building work – in another thread on this site, you will find another post referring to a letter from the AAI to the RIAI about paying architects a decent wage.


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      Thanks for the advice much appreciated. I’ve tendered for a couple of extensions and have been basically given the go ahead by clients until they have met their bank manager and got knocked back. Only work seem to be going ahead is if people have got credit union loans or savings. Pretty disheartening for any Architects just out of Uni after spending all that time and effort some of it through the boom years and to finish up with no prospects of employment unless they leave the country.

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