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      Has anyone noted the 5 appalling bollards erected outside the Bank of Ireland on Merrion Row sometime over the weekend?

      They look more like something you would use as moorings for an air craft carrier rather than a type of urban street furniture!

      Surely this can not be a knee jerk over reaction to the plague of JCBs marauding our ATMs around the country???

      Is there a rash of defensive bollards being erected nationwide?

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      Bollards bollards everywhere! What on earth os the point of so many bollards.

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      I can’t understand that one,

      Fair enough protecting ATMS in isolated filing stations but surely the amount of noise required to pull an ATM out of a well built Victorian Bank would be obvious enough at this location, directly opposite the Shelbourne.

      Typical of the one size fits all mentaility of ‘facilities managers’

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      I saw these this morning. It looks like they are going to run all the way up Merrion Row not just in front of the ATM, they are indeed dreadful. Might do to tie up a tug.

      And of course, they are completetly out of character with the street, and indeed with the bollards on the other side of the street, which look like they are cast offs from “Master and Commander”

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      Merrion Row pavements are quite narrow for the amount of pedestrians. When I saw the initial works I imagined that they were designed to stop vehicles pulling up on the pavements for that reason. The size of the bollards, however, would seem to undermine this.

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      The March of the Big Bollards in Merrion Row continues, – well past the ATM’s at the B of I. They are up to O’Donoghues pub now and heading for Merrion Street.

      So they clearly are not intended to prevent “take-away ATMs” . Indeed the distance between the bollards as they are spaced should permit a frontal assault by a JCB, should any be attempted.

      From this I deduce they are to prevent wildcat parking on the pavement, if not on the road.

      But perhaps global warming may see Merrion Row twinned with Venice in future and they will provide a convenient place for us all to moor our yachts.

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      They really are ghastly,

      To make it worse there is a run of ‘Heritage style bollards’ on the traffic Island on Stephens Green and then these ones start.

      I really like the Teak ones at Christchurch Place and with the new paving (perfectly laid by spanish contractors) in combination with the lick of paint on the gable end of the EHB building on Castle St it is really starting to come together there.

      BTW Whoever sanctioned the bollards on merrion Row should be put out to grass, if they are not already smoking it.

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