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      From the research being provided by the experts now. It seems that vapour sealed buildings are actually unhealthy systems. It seems that what was veritably beaten into students of architecture for the past half century is no longer true.
      Anyone at last weeks discussion of this matter ???

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      Why this was beaten into students is beyond me, in the AA, the words DPC and Vapour Barrier are unheard of. You go to architecture school to become a designer, not a technical expert, read a manual if you want that.

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      i guess it does depend on the school.
      Technicians seem certainly more subject to this while less likely to be taught the specific science involved.
      Its the cart before the horse thing again.
      Maybe its another one of those things resultant from the fast , flash , magazine world we live in. A solution before the most appropriate solution.
      Which is really more important :
      a) Thought ,b) Time, c)Money d)Health, e)None of the above f) phone a friend

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      Mafalda Ramalho

      I agree with u, quirkey! we just can’t find the most apropriate ideas in the amazing images that cames in the magazines…

      really important thing is:
      Have Time to have a Thought, and some money to phone a friend… but if u don’t have None of the above at least ask for HEALTH!

Viewing 3 reply threads
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