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      Paul Clerkin

      Liffey to get second boardwalk on Eden Quay
      The Irish Times

      Liffey-side is due to get another facelift this year as construction of a second boardwalk gets under way. It will run from O’Connell Bridge to Butt Bridge on the north quays. Construction of the walkway is to begin in October or November, with a completion date for early summer 2004. The development will stretch 240 metres along Eden Quay, and will be an extension of the present boardwalk which runs from O’Connell Bridge to Grattan Bridge on the north quays.

      Good news, in other good news, the central kiosk has reopened under new management. Give them your support by buying coffee. Unfortunetly the one at Ormond Quay is still closed, it was the most sheltered to sit outside.

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      It’s not really an extension of the existing one if you have to fight your way across O’Connell Bridge to get to it !.

      Wasn’t there talk of a Pedestrian Bridge from Marlborough St. to Hawkins St. at one time. I wonder will this go ahead as part of the project?

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      Paul Clerkin

      Would want to be better integrated than the Millenium Bridge was….

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      Has the pedestrian bridge died a death? If John Fitzgerald is having trouble getting the funds together for Stage 2 (of 3) in the redevelopment of O’Connell Street, I am sure this little feature of the IAP will be the first to go.

      The Boardwalk extension will be a great feature – but is it worth it?

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      Well Eden Quay is massively congested with all those bus stops, and all those weirdos staring at you as you walk by.

      If the existing quay is refurbished as part of the plan, (it being the worst in the city) I’m happy. Although the wooden hand rail on the existing boardwalk needs constant attention and maintainance, perhaps it should be changed for this section.

      And trying to get across O’ Cll Bridge in that straight direction is a nightmare.

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      Surely the new port tunnel will free up the Quays for strollers, har , har.

      Just think of the potential if we “drained the Liffey”, enough land for affordable housing and everything.

      Sorry, finding reality difficult after too many meetings.

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      Paul Clerkin

      If they extend the boardwalk, I’d like to see the shelters on Eden Quay replaced with sleeker ones been placed at Taxi ranks…

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      Will it follow the exact same design as the oroginal boardwalk? I presume amd hope its does.
      I agree with the wooden handrails. They are in need of attention thi i dont agree with using metal ones perhaps treat the wood as opposed to leaving it in its matural state.

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      Will the recent spate of violence along the quays prompt Dublin officials to rethink this plan? Or at least to alter it in relation to its occupation by the public. If we’re talking sleeker bus shelters that could translate to bunkers etc.etc…

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      A spate of one?

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      Ronan C

      Well said ew. One incident, albeit serious, on Eden key in the last week or so doesn’t mean there has been a “spate” of these types of things.

      Dublin, day or night, is not as dangerous as we all like to think/believe it is. If we all believed the hype, nobody would leave their homes and the city would die on its feet.

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      I have always felt safe in the city centre. Violent crime happens (almost) everywhere. In a city like Dublin it cant be avoided.

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