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      Nancy OBrien

      Do you think that the criteria for good bar design needs to change as society does? And more specifically in Dublin; has our rapidly changing society been reflected in the design of trendy cafe-bars??

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      I think thats got alot to do with population base. the larger the population of a city the more likely you are to find a greater range of all entities. This includes everything from city spaces to activities to mini sub-cultures.
      As for bars, competition for the patronage( of the young rich and spend-thrifty is higher in this situation too, and so the design of things becomes more flash, desireable, richer in terms of the quality of finishes, materials and the general aesthetic.
      As to whether the quality of the actuall bar spaces actually improves is a matter that could be dabated ….’till the cows come home’

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      Nancy OBrien

      I also mean that as society changes, so do the functions of bars…ie- a pub was generally not for every class in its original form, now bars attract people of every status. Likewise, do you think that certain factors like the influx of the dance scene in Dublin or immigration have influenced the way that we define socialising in a bar and therfore influences its design?

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      So Forum on Parnell Street is an interesting
      example, it is aimed at a multi-cultural crowd and it feels a lot like one of those nice NY bars that isn’t particularly trendy, but sort of comfortable, you know, the American equivalent of the Dame Tavern. It is an idea of a bar that is familiar here, but the way that idea is realised is not quite familiar.

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      True NancyO..the favourable economic climate…the influx of foreign nationals…..the young educated nouveau riche….the influence of fashionable trends, the demand for quality, style and cleanliness have all added to the wave of the new super pubs.

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      The dance scene has been in Dublin for about 15 years, its effect is hardly that slow. Also, almost all Irish people bar the landed gentry are nouveau riche if you go back little more than 2 generations.

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      Nancy OBrien

      True the dance scene has been around for about 15 years but its only now that it has been truely consumed by the mass market and is seen as a mainstream way of life- enough to merit big business interest in it, hence bars being designed for the culture it has created.

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      i agree nancy. the club culture now is mainstreem and many establishments are trying to capture the ‘club’ feeling. the first pub i can remember to provide a club atmosphere was handles. that has been there for many years at this stage tho.

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