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      Paul Clerkin

      kinda not sure with these…

      anyone got architects and building name?

      a row of three

      and across the road

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      Where is that- Ugly Street? They’re all pretty horrible.

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      Don’t know about the one across the road or the first one (which looks like it got a serious Po-Mo going over 10 or 15 years ago) but the other two are identified (pic and names, etc) in A Guide to Modern Architecture in Dublin by Tomas O’Beirne (1978).

      The red-brick is Carrick House by Stephenson Gibney and Associates (1972) for Baggotrath Investments. The originally open undercroft at ground floor level was filled in at a later date.

      The third building is described as “office building at no. 2 Burlington Road,” designed by Tyndall Hogan Hurley (1969) for Hardwicke Ltd. O’Beirne’s book shows that the original window bands were fully glazed, with 5 panels of clear glass; now there’s this ill-judged combination of tinted (?) glass and solid panels – the narrow ones reducing cold bridging at the concrete columns. The crass white band at the top is also ‘new’. [A similar 1970 scheme by the same architects for the same clients at no. 8 Burlington Road – also featured by O’Beirne – appears to have been elegantly detailed, in a pre-oil-crisis sort of way.]

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      Well pasted from Frank’s McD’s D of D all early 1970’s I think,

      The Esri building (first) is OK the other three are quite poor although the third occupied by Ark Life looks better than many 1970’s speculative efforts. The one on the opposite side of the road is a complete disaster as was the one replaced by the new EBS HQ.

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