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      Dear All,
      I wonder could anyone reccommend some art deco/ modernist/ ‘International Style’ buildings from around Ireland that I could consider for a research project I am doing on transport and leisure buildings of the 1930s/40s and 50s. This would include buildings like bus stations (eg. Bus Aras), Airport Terminals (eg. Collinstown), petrol stations or garages (the one in Fenian St., the one in Glasnevin), cinemas and bathing establishments (eg. the Hydro Lido in Waterford). I know about the Art Deco Ireland website already but maybe people know about a building in their region that would be of interest or a building that is no longer even there but that you have heard about! I am focussing on the Republic of Ireland although I know there are great buildings from that era in the North.
      Many thanks.

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