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      Paul Clerkin

      “Developers proposing an office and technology park opposite Kilmainham Gaol in Dublin have dismissed claims that the site has historical significance. A consultant for the developers complained at an oral planning hearing of attempts by the objectors to link the former Nestlé site in Kilmainham with “everyone from Brian Boru to Pádraig Pearse”.”All its uses were industrial, not heritage. It was making Kit-Kats. That’s the simple fact,” said Mr Tom Phillips, representing developers Charmside Ltd, a subsidiary of Treasury Holdings. “

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      It’s true that Kit Kits aren’t a part of Irish Architectural Heritage but having said that, I don’t think the development proposed is very appropriate.

      Despite it’s designation as an industrial/ commercial zoning, I think it could yet have purpose as a Peoples’s Park type effort.

      Besides all this, there are still enough run down areas in the centre of town without having to move into the suburbs for development. Yes, I appreciate the costs involved, but there’s hardly much tax designation on the site in question, is there?

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      I don’t understand why they are objecting on grounds of use, Inchicore is quite well served by parks, there is a park by the war memorial and another in the IMMA grounds, Phoenix park is quite close too. A mix of use is health and is already a feature of the area. Clancy Barracks would be a better site for heritage and amenity use.

      I think they have a case about the details, maybe a nicer building a story shorter with fewer car parking spaces, but there is nothing wrong with putting shops and office opposate a national monument.

      Kit-kats, whatever, now Taytos, that really would be part of our heritage.

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      There is a forum topic in the archives all about this with objectors getting really hot under the collar……I gave my oppinions

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      a mixed development would be nice but the current development’s ratio is 98.8% office space to 1.2% retail.

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      John Callery

      Claire, please visit Kilmainham via and view just some of the protected structures (of national and international importance)that surround the site directly opposite the Old Gaol on all sides – this site deserves the very best in function and architectural design – these are 3 ordinary (except in scale) model ofice blocks (650,000 ft) planned to dominate /stand in a most extraordinary and unique tourist location in Dublin City.

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