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      I just wondering what people think of the New building on The Galway Mayo Institute of Technology in Galway City. On the dublin?ballybane road in galway you cant miss it. I am (sadly) a student there (Soon to be an architecture student ll going well with no thanks to the CAO system anyway) And I’v heard various comments on it from the typically irsh “Its a fierce quare looking monstrosity” to it being likened to a brick of lego. I happen to like its very much, The design in based on the sails of a Hooker (famous boat used in galway years and years ago) If anybody know anuhing else about it or has some pictures or an opinion on the building please share them. Thanks

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      I think it is great, I only go to Galway every few monthes and like it more each time, I keep meaning to photograph it for here and forget. Do you have a few photos?

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Viewing 2 reply threads
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