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      Rita Ochoa

      For all of you who wanna study or work abroad here’s some general information about “ARCHITECTS & EUROPE”. It’s a very ugly web site but it can give you a lot of information… exemple: the difference of percentage of architects per capita in different countries is amazing and not directly associated to its capacity of construction or economic situation… Also can help you with the current laws and oficial contacts.

      If you want to emigrate this site can change your plans 🙂

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      Hello there again! Rita, you are right…this website won’t win a design competition but is really useful. For ex , in Italy 76000 students were studying in ac year 98/99… That’s an unbelievable number….Can’t imagine that all of them are working later on in their profession-
      Since a couple of weeks I am back in my german college. Most of my collegues who were working in an office for even a longer period loose their job…or aren’t payed properly anymore…..looks sad around here.
      So, where are you going to move to?

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      Rita Ochoa

      Hi Ola (1 of the 45.000 students of Architecture in Germany)!
      Now compare Italy with Luxemburg where you only have 120 students studing abroad !
      Anyway I’m back to Portugal, in my old job and with no plans of moving out. After being in Ireland for a while and live the experience of the fake “open borderds”, I came to the place that still offers me best conditions: professionals, more studies and personal… Also a great weather !!
      In Portugal we don’t have many jobs too but in general employers can understand the architects qualities without looking to their nacionality… unfortunaly the same dindn’t happen in Ireland, to me or other people I know.
      Maybe things change in the future…
      Are you finishing your course ? And where were you working at ?

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      I don’t know if I should be glad leaving college in one year with all these predictions from the market…but I experienced a very good work this summer (finally I found an office) in Ireland! It gave me lots of motivation and new ideas. Rita, what went wrong concering the nationality and quality?
      Now, back in college I can see that Germany has lost its creativity…or maybe it never had – in comparison with France, Poland and Ireland!
      Even in structural design our teachers can’t really give a useful advice…and I heard all over Europe that Germany had a good reputation about technologies, quality and structure…. I am quite disappointed at the moment because we are just copying existing structures. It seems to me that there is no demand for innovation and new experience. Usually this should be the thread in education, shouldn’t it? Maybe somenone can tell me something about the architecture studies at the DIT… How are you getting support from your teachers or other faculties when working on a new scheme in construction (for example, experimental projects or wide spans, free standing walls )??? Does form follow function? or can form follow imagination?

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      DARA H

      I’m sorry to hear Rita that you found your nationality getting in the way of trying to do your job.

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      Rita Ochoa

      Maybe I was to agressive up there but it was what I felt when I was in Ireland… I woulnd’t call it racism but maybe I just couldn’t compit with people who already work there, know your building regulations, speaks and writes perfect english, etc. I’m young and young people when are trying to find a job need to have all the tools they can, and not just be a good human being and have good creative skills…
      Another problem could be the salary i required because I needed to get a live there and be independent.
      Also the UE didn’t solve yet some anoying problems considering laws of practice and recognition of degrees, that can give you some problems. While the degrees don’t become similar (with adaptations to each one of the countries), the employers never know for sure what you are really capable of doing or what you really know…
      Notice that I’m not talking just for me but for other people I know, not just in Portugal that tried or are trying to work in other countires inside the UE.
      I think it was all this plus this “kind” of economical crises that is covering Europe like a ghost…

      Anyway I enjoyed the time I was there… you have a cold but great country! 🙂

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      The more European influence on Dublin’s drab bland and flat new architecture the better- looking forward to seeing what the Spanish plans for Dublin’s ‘new’ Markets produce !

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