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      Hi all,

      new to the site but could not find this info.

      We would be interested in employing an architect to submit plans for site development into a number of apartments. As there has been planning problems on the site in the past, we would prefer that we could negotiate with the architect a significant percentage fee based on the plans being accepted i.e. the architect wins big if the plans are accepted, he doesnt if they are rejected.

      Would architects entertain this notion? And if so, what type of percentage would they be looking for?



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      Dont fancy your chances – architects have enough hassle to deal with without turning fee collection into a game of poker… In any case there is a built in incentive for architects to get pp as usually they get paid a % of costs of the project while its progressing. There is probably a good reason why your project was shot down previously – and it may well be a planning matter rather than architectural/ aesthetic issue; can you elaborate on site history?

      In any event, this may be of help in terms of fee guidelines –

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      Actually I had another idea about this – being the helpful fellow I am – there’s an architect with a practise on Haddington Road in Ballsbridge who may be able to do something for you; a Mr. Grant.

      For further info, click here –

      In other words, cop on & cough up the proper fees – as the cliche has it, if you pay peanuts, youll get monkies :rolleyes:

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      Thanks Hutton i think, :>

      Your first answer brings up another question for me:

      If a reputable architect ( Mr Jones say) normally charges approx 5 percent of build or site cost (say 100,000) for submitting plans, dealing with requests for more information etc, what happens if the plans are ultimately rejected, is the full cost of 5 percent of 100,000 still payable seeing that the site worth much less than 100,000 at that stage?

      I would have thought that an architect/townplanner who knows his business and can aasses the capacity of a given site etc would be willing to discuss a higher percentage than 5 percent on the basis that he/she knows how to optimise the capacity of site whereas the client (i.e. me) may not. The architect would be banking on their experience and expertise to give them a much bigger fee.

      Not that it matters, but i am an engineering consultant myself and this is something that i do in my own field…


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