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      I have recently come across a photo of a house by Andrew Devane [formerly of Robinson Keefe Devane] at Hopwth head. And an exciting looking house it is too with what looks like cantilevered concrete structure in parts. Any idea where it is or where I can see more photographs.

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      I’ve only ever come across one photograph of this… in a small book about 3 inch square… may have been in conjunction with an exhibition…..

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      The book referred to is still on sale in the RIAI bookshop (cost ca £2). It is a little square book with a white cover, the catalogue of an exhibition of Irish architectural drawings and paintings put together by John Meagher in 1975 to mark European Architectural Heritage Year.

      The house is ‘Journey’s End Lodge’, the Devane family home. The famous photo is of the cantilevered living room, which was Devane’s principal extension to the existing cottage/bungalow that was on the site when he bought it. The house was sold some years ago. It is on the south side of Howth Head, with views to Dublin Bay and the mountains, and is accessed directly off the main road.

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      Paul Clerkin

      Journey’s End – pictures taken Saturday

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      See Shane O’Toole’s article in “Building Material” complete with commentary by Andy Devane…

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      Andrew Devane also designed a house overlooking Howth Harbour. The hose is called THULLA and was built for the McMullan family who owned Maxol Oil company in the 1970s. When it was built it was rumoured to be the most expensive house built on the North Side of Dublin. Anybody know anything more about this house ?

      It is the subkect of a planning application at the moment and the proposal is to DEMOLISH IT and replace with TOWNHOUSES. The developer already has permission to build in the grounds and subdivide hte original house, but has re-applied to demolish THULLA – greed has no limits.

      I am looking for information on Andy Devane / Thulla in order to make a strong ccase to the planning authority (Fingal) to refuse this application.

      All help would be much appreciated.

      Brian Hewson.

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      Paul Clerkin

      I think that I know the house that you’re talking about. I’ve little or no information on it. Will pass your query on to Shane O’Toole who is involved with Docomomo to see if he has further information.

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      David Davison ( Davison & Associates ) took some black and white photos of Journey’s End Lodge in 1976. Ref numbers DB76-161116 /1118. Later photographs show the house after it had been modified and extended by subsequent owners. The present house is not as designed by Andy Devane. Further information from Richard Devane,

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      Paul Clerkin

      That’s true of most buildings – the Four Courts and Custom House have had a little work done over the years, but we’d still say they were by James Gandon…. just not as designed by James Gandon

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      The archeire link above doesn’t seem to work – any chance of a redirect?


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      This house looks like it was a stunning little gem. But such a pity
      about the later additions. Thanks Paul for the photographs and to
      Jas for bringing this up.

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