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      Meanwhile work commences on the Dunnes Stores site on South George St with demoltion of most of the old building. The poor auld Long Hall looks a bit forlorn. Does anyone know what the new development looks like.

      And work also starts on the Mary Street entrance to the Ilac…thank God for that.

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      Have’nt been up this way in a while ….Has Dunne Stores then demolished that fine red brick Victorian building here

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      I heard they found some stuff in Dunnes when they started to take it down and the demolishing/building work has been delayed for the archeologists to move in.

      It was a Viking burial, which they believe to predate the time they thought the Vikings had originally arrived.

      Can anyone back this up?

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      Paul Clerkin

      yes it was in the papers… they found the bodies of seven viking raiders… they predate the viking city….

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      …………….early norse stag night party?

      Glasgow had very strict anti drink and pillage laws in the sixth century, Dublin was maybe more relaxed

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      Paul Clerkin

      …. nahhh none of them had “witty” t-shirts or pink fright wigs 😉

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      Andrew Duffy

      Has Dunne Stores then demolished that fine red brick Victorian building here

      It’s not the Dunnes supermarket that’s been demolished but a whole row of derlict buildings the other side of the road, to make way for a new headquarters. They decided not to use the tallish building in Blanchardstown for some reason.

      The supermarket is a protected structure. It’s part of the South City Markets, isn’t it?

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      Yes, the supermarket forms part of the Markets. The demolition is on the other side of the road. You might recall the corner buildings at Little Ship St had gone. There are two retains facades then the Long Hall and then a gap. It funny, I can’t recall the buildings there (already) but I think they were redbrick and granite 1930s stock.

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      Rory W

      they were photos of them on fjp’s site

      though quite why fjp is dead I don’t know!!!

      It was the old Cassidy’s store that has been knocked not Dunnes supermarket. Nobody could even try to get away with knocking part of the South City Markets

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      There’s been a fine view of Dublin Castle through this hole for many a month – shame to see it go now!

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      One of the buildings knocked had an original 18th century pressed tin set of ceilings to the first floor I’m informed, very unusual and the earliest and just about ony one recorded in Ireland.

      They were far earlier than 1930’s.

      Does anybody actually like the new scheme – can’t say I’m very impressed – derivative, jejeune declasse and all that!!

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