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      benny c

      folks,im a first time user and not the most computered person so forgive me if im not in the right discussion section.not knowing if i am or not ill motor one of those people looking for a bit of advice.ive been looking for some books on open plan lofts,or a web site.i have an old mill that im hopefully going too save from the seasons and would appreciate anyones advice on books ,websites,grants etc.
      thanks b

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      I don’t know of any books or websites, but the Heritage Council has a grants scheme that might be suitable. I’m not sure if a building has to be a Protected Structure in order to qualify for a grant, though. It would certainly help if it was a PS- would you think of trying to get it listed if it’s not already?

      Your local authority should also have a grants scheme for conservation, but again this would probably depend on the building being a Protected Structure.

      Also, there was a thesis done in the Department of Planning and Environmental Policy in UCD in 2005 on the re-use of old mill buildings. It might be useful, and it would definitely have a bibliography that should give you leads.

      Good luck.

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