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      Does anyone have any information on schemes, especially high rise in the Dublin area, that have been abandoned due to planning conditions being attached that reduces floor area / building height etc, making it less profitable for the developer to build.

      I know there must be loads!!!

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      Andrew Duffy

      Recently, less than you’d think. These come to mind:

      Westgate near Heuston Station aparently had it’s tallest building, a 13 storey office tower, removed following consulation with palnners. However, the other half of the overall development was recently approved by DCC and contains a 32 storey apartment tower.

      Gannon Homes had a 12 storey apartment tower removed from a housing development in Donaghmede.

      Partenay’s 26 storey mixed-use tower in Donnybrook was refused by DCC.

      Fabrizia Developments applied for permission for a large mixed-use development on Southbank road over four years ago, but in the absence of a decision by DCC has reapplied with a similar proposal, minus the thirty storey office tower.

      Fusano Properties’ Smithfield Market is currently under construction with a 13 storey apartment tower at its centre. The foundations for this building reflect its originally approved height of 20 storeys (http://homepage.eircom.net/~istructeroi/news/news16/smithfield16.htm)

      edit: It’s not a tall building, but the Wejcherts-designed Gaiety Centre has been approved by DCC for the second time, less two storeys, after a successful appeal against the original permission.

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      What will work for Dublin wexfordplanner, may not for the regional centres, obviously.

      Commercial rentals are higher, so are house prices, infrastructure is already in place .. ………don’t know therfore if the economics will be the same.

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      Tara Street Station,( the high-rise building) that’s been abandoned, hasn’t it?

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      No Tara Street is still on,

      I heard that from a very reliable source although not necessarily in its present format, it could be even taller

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      Hi Diaspora. That’s great news. Any idea of when itt’s likely to start? Originally it was suggested Autumn 2004 no?

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