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      Rita Ochoa

      Some of your images look ok, even being a bit to much photorealistic… but that must be your clients requirements (i hope!).

      Anyway, was there a real need to have GOOD LOOKING WOMEN IN BIKINI in the images ???!!!

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      Whats the deal with the rusticated inverted snobbery concerning 3D renderings?, I dont get it.

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      I thought most of the graphics on your website gave very good overall impressions of what buildings might look lke. Definatly,
      Better than you average black and white drawiings anyway.

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      2.1 Qualified ? Its the end result that counts, sorry but your artist impressions seem dull & lifeless, I know software may have limitations – depth / curves etc.. but theres no substitute for the old fashioned ink sketch & water-colour concepts if tastefully executed, and although these “effects” are currently available on cad, eg. http://www.Architect3d.net ,its got a long way to go before replacing the age-old presentation format…

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      philip kelly

      Computer Rendering has come a long way in the past few years, and there are images being produced at present that are practically impossible to deferenciate between, eg lightscape. Saying that it is a matter of opinion, but clients are requesting these, as a sales pitch.
      But if we were all to have sat back and taking the attitude that there is no substitution for pen and ink, you would still be produing your drawing by pen , and try doing a tender or construction package with pen , and watch the hours clock up.
      You have got to develope every aspect of technology and embrace it , not put it on the shelf.

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