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      I am an Industrial Designer, just started into a job designing shop interiors, fittings and equipment.
      We are looking at the possibilities here for future software requirements, and are interested in ArchiCAD, Viz & Rhino. Because of my Industrial Design background I would be in favour of Rhino for modelling & design (+ Penguin looks really good) and Vis for renderings and amimation. In my previous job I used SolidWorks and Max.

      I am not fully aware of the benefits of ArchiCAD, but it does look like a pretty serious option. And it would be standard kit in this industry.

      Can you please offer any opinions or views.

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      archicad’s good………..for buildings, but when it comes to modelling some objects it becomes difficult, like curving in 2 different planes, it’s at that stage that you have to start learning the computer script for it, GDL, but in sayin that it’s a really great package………

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      I’d give the message board on this site a try – very useful resourse for all your CAD type needs (& more)


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      rafael pinho

      have you ever heard of sketchUp? I’ve been using rhino and max for a while, but sometimes sketchup turns out to be the best tool for modeling specific objects… especially macro detailing.

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