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Practising Architecture – Five architectural experiments
Jan 28 – Mar 28

This exhibition is unique in its attempt to offer The practices involved are Boyd Cody, FKL, Heneghan Peng, Hassett Ducatez, and Dominic Stevens. All award winning practices.
The architectural segmentation of the space into five modules evolved through a process of proposition and critique. The agreed design was then costed and proved unrealizable.

Another round of discussions produced a simple division of the RHA Gallagher Gallery main space by six large walls. This offered each architect a defined space within which issues of proportion, division, accessibility, manipulation amongst others could be explored.

The exhibition marks the beginning of a series of exhibitions within the Academy programme that will connect practicing Irish architects with an art going public in a gallery space.gdgdthe visitor an architecture experience as opposed to the conventional architectural exhibitions that rely on descriptive material such as drawings and models.

Working with FKL Architects, the RHA Director Patrick T. Murphy, identified over twenty dynamic practices operating throughout Ireland. Each was invited to submit a summary portfolio of their work. From this resource five practices were chosen to join in a process of speculation about, and design of, the exhibition concept.

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