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@Devin wrote:

. . one view of the city I’ve never seen is the view of Cornmarket in the opposite direction pre-demolition, with those two houses at the junction of Back Lane and High Street. Would love to see that,

That has proven to be an illusive view.

A slightly older Aerofilm shot than your one shows the corner house (no. 25 High Street) still intact, but again it’s taken from the rear.

The following shots are as close as I got, they were published (for the want of a better word) in a little Fas pamphlet called ‘Aspects of Saint Audoen’s, the parish with three beginnings’ in 1993. From what I recall, it took a year to track down any decent photographs of High Street and in the end, it was G. A. Duncan on the Cabra Road who turned up trumps with those shots of the buses and the billboard.

This is a copy from the booklet with the 1960s Duncan photograph superimposed on a 1952 photograph from the same direction, which shows the corner onto Cornmarket with those ellusive building still there. The lamp post is the same in each picture.

25, 26 and 27 High Street in 1952

A detail of that picture with a glimpse of old Cornmarket beyond the corner of no. 25. Substantial four storey brick buildings with Victorian gabled facades!

The 1952 photographs were tracked down to a photographic archive in RTE of all places. Not sure who the photographer was, could have been G. A. Duncan again.

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