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She forgot to mention that something in the region of Eiro 40,000 was also consumed by the Cobh Urban District Council’s solicitors and barristers at the Midleton Oral Hearing into the proposed plans to re-order the interior of St. Colman’s Cathedral. On that occasion, legal representation was needed by Cobh UDC to extricate themselves from their own incompetence and negligence. Is Noreen disappointed about that and the performance of the town manageress at the same Oral Hearing?

I must repember to send in a freedom of information request to ascertain exactly how much Cobh UDC itself squandered on the Cathedral re-ordering debacle – which the good Mayoy was in no great hurry to obviate in August 2005 when representation was made to her by the FOSCC – a matter, I expect, that will be coming up again at the next elections.

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