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@samuel j wrote:

And now from the Cobh Town Council website council meeting minutes
from 19/12/06 from the town manager
“She advised that between the date that the Draft Budget had been forwarded to the members and the date of the meeting, the Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government had announced the Local government Fund Allocations for 2007. The increase for Cobh Town Council was higher than anticipated at 7.82% which would result in additional income of &#8364]. She stated that she was proposing that this extra income be used to pay for the legal costs incurred by the Council in relation to the recent High Court case concerning the Marina.“]

Word has it that the Cobh Urban District Council paid out a similar sum for the legal representation at the Midelton Oral Hearing to save their bacon from the cock up they made in relation to the planning application for the “rerdering” of the Cathedral.

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