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The Fishermen came up with plans a few years ago to re-do the pierhead or kennedy pier.making it more a small harbour with access from west side only. remove the middle leg and make an L s such with even more car park space in the Centra/east side. Would have made a safer berth as only getting really nasty with swell when strong SE running with long fetch all the way from Aghada. Think it died a death with Dept. of th Marine but cannot confirm this. It had a few floating pontoons on inside legs for visitors.
At moment 99% of visiting yachts come up for a look at the spendid Cobh, go as far as Whitepoint and bugger off back to Crosser or East Ferry if space but he chocka in summer (has plans to extend but reckon berths so scare it will fill overnight…reckon is too soft..know it will as big waiting list as it is).
An awful pity as know loads of boats/non nationals who would love to call in overnight…and spend money…… go to Cork for a day evne on train…changeover crew via Airport,bus and train…

I remember that plan, i dont think it came from the fishermen, my understanding at the time was that its part of the whole sewage pumping station plan. The L shape you mention i believe was to encompass a larger parking area as you mention at the centra end, and i believe under this parking area is where the pumping station is meant to be positioned for the sewage link up to the treatment plant in Little Island. So i dont think the plan is gone as such, perhaps to be submitted for planning prior to start up of the project.
I seem to remember reading something last year about funding for the passage, monkstown, crosshaven and cobh link to the treatment plant being granted.
Have always liked the idea of the pontoons in the summer as outside the clipper, myself felt infront of the promenade would be good, then come up the steps (if you could slow down the DOD ferrys)

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