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I saw that mentioned in council meet minutes on but have not seen any life there… very quiet youths perhaps. Think I they, cove sailing club and many others made submissions to rent , was some mention that library would go there but in end it went up for auction.
pier next to it in limbo, don’t think it Cobh TC property but port of Cork, however both the wooden piles which are condemned and the fixed wall/pier behind it (under line of green fence) need work. I believe sale is buildling and part of pier to green fence but anyone buying would have to consider some longterm expensive work to stone wall/pier, not too mind the wooden piles.

Yeah i had a suspicion the quay is the property of the Harbour, obviously they have no interest in it. It has been deralict aslong as i can remember and The port of cork is afterall a business, the only way to get them to do anything about it or the pier head is for them to some how believe they have something to gain from it, Clearly Cobhites feel there is alot to gain from a shorefront which is not in a shoddy run down condition as it is now in most areas. You would be pushed to find a safe overnight bert to entice tourists.
Perhaps we can suggest a developer revamping the quay and the pier head with pontoons and access and run gondola between both;)

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