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Great shots Istigh of the whale watching beach…..:(
Following is one of THE_Chris photos that I put on where marina should go… SHOULD…. being the operative word…. we’ll literally miss the boat… Courtmacsherry and Schull both now trying to develop Marinas…they have well understood that a lot of business is passing them by and going on to Co. Kerry where they are well organised..
Also see in shot, the derelict old Cobh TC building or Town Hall….
Anyway know what latest cunnign plan is for it… heard that many clubs/organisations made submissions to UDC to rent but have not heard any outcome. It was decided by the council to sell it but understand reserve price was never reached or even closely touched. Seems a shame it is not put immediately to some club or organisation use.
The old council are great at pointing fingers at derelict retail units etc. along town….. would they not get their
own house in order first…..:mad:

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