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QUEENSTOWN, FROM THE HARBOR. -The general view of the handsome city of Queenstown presented above, gives a good idea of how it strikes the traveller who first beholds the famous Irish seaport from the waters of its spacious harbor. The noble pile on the right of the picture is the Catholic cathedral which, when entirely finished, will be one of the grandest temples of worship in Christendom. Owing to the high formation of the ground on which Queenstown is built, the houses rise in terraces, with a back ground, at most points, of umbrageous trees and green slopes. It is admitted to be one of the healthiest municipalities in the world, and, notwithstanding the large sea-faring element-usually “wild” after long ocean voyages-one of the best ordered in Great Britain and Ireland. Indeed, one of the practical arguments in favor of Irish autonomy is, that the Irish cities and towns, which possess local government, as they all do, are quite as well governed as English cities and towns, and are, besides, much freer from crime and disorder. In many of the Irish countries and burghs recently, the judges have presented “white gloves” to the grand juries to indicate that there was no criminal business to come before them -something without parallel in England.

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