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@Gianlorenzo wrote:

What you are not seeing in the little lodge across from the sheds – angle too steep. I wonder if that is where the objection is coming from.
I have to say I am torn on this question. While I would be delighed to see the eyesore eliminated, in my heart I cannot get excited about more apartments.
One has to wonder if that is all we can think about anymore. Surely given the wonderful location we could come up with something a little more interesting and communal than appartments.:confused:

There is indeed a lovely cottage there and you could be right. as to communal use, I think this opportunity is long gone.. I recall years ago that after the Trawler/fishing boat yard closed this land ended up in county council or UCD ownership…… so some public owned it or had the opportunity at soem stage in its history.

Problem is now is that it has been left go to rack and ruin so appartment or not something has to happen, the chance was there for something public

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