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in the old train station by the deep water quay. Of the 6 million Irish emigrants fleeing thee famine and poverty in Ireland from around 1850, 2.5 million left from Cobh including Annie Moore and her brothers (see picture), the then President of Ireland, Mary Robinson, unveiled a bronze statue featuring Annie, Phillip and Anthony at the Deepwater Quay, Cobh, on February 8, 1993. Natives of Cork city, they left Cobh from the Deepwater Quay on December 20, 1891. They arrived at Ellis Island on New Year’s Day 1892, it was her 15th birthday! They were the first to be processed by Ellis Island which was newly opened.i They then joined their parents and older brother in Brooklyn, New York, who had emigrated two years previously.
The great ocean liners including those which came to a tragic end, e.g. the Titanic and the Lusitania, are also an integral part of the history of Cobh and are featured in the museums.
Cobh Museum in the old Scots Church on the High Road in Cobh. A collection of marine paintings, models and photographs and a museum of the business and social life of Cobh as a naval town.
Irish Museums & Heritage Centres on Cobh Cork has no entry for sites on the Great Island I think? Off the top of my head …

Belvelly castle (a square – keep? tower) near bridge between Fota and the Great Island.
Martello towers – near train line, by the ara, past old NET/IFI factory.
Belvelly martello tower
Martello tower at back of island, by the sea again, probably with view of Belvelly.
Signal tower on top of hill in woods over towards East ferry.
Lime kiln beside road on back of island – Ashgrove townland?
Ring fort nearish Walterstown. Fields off road.
Old well with steps down, close by old cottage. Ashgrove, field side of ditch beside Noel’s bohereen.

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