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“The defence of their own commitment seemed to me to be an admission – we wasted thousands of taxpayers money by giving it to lawyers in an attempt to thwart people’s democratic rights”

You’re right there…. what a waste…..only ones who gained where the legal eagles… don’t mind them earning their crust but this case was just a joke….. which you/I paid for. All because of Cobh TC cockups…..
I have heard people ask why not a municipal marina… would love it… but lets not forger Kilrush is one as such…but they got massive Govn fundings for this years ago when the then Min. for the Marine Brenan Daly was in charge… a local Kilrush man I think….. but gather no funding has or will be on cards for along time into the future. Think they were even mini tribunals on how those that were funded ….. but all policitians seem to have come out clean….LOL…. Cahirciveen got one too… wasn’t there a Minister O’Donoghue from that part or world…Kenmare….ish. Hummmmm

Location… up river locations like you mention would be very nice, be it West of deep water quay to whitepoint… but as you go mroe West you open up more to the dreaded East and South Easterlies so a full breakwater would have to be put in. Not impossible but vert costly. With this don’t think one would survive a winter not too mind boats on it. A big enough sea can build from there to Whitepoint after a few days of stong easterlies… long fetch up harbour right from Aghada for it to build.
A permanent breakwater would do no problem but wonder who would be willing to fund that….

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