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Cobh…a lost cause I am afraid. What should be one of Ireland’s premier tourist towns is a sulking and increasingly ugly town. Whatever about the merits or otherwise of the planned development, it was at least an attempt at kick starting something. I personally thought it was a project that at least would bring some life back to the foreshore and restore Cobh’s maritime heritage as its primary industry. After this decision, I don’t think we will see too many investors willing to take a punt on any flagship project in the vicinity. As pointed out elsewhere on this thread, a town with such prize architectural assets as the Cathedral and the ‘deck of cards’ seems to have difficulty keeping them in good shape. Meanwhile, ABP have no issues with abominations such as the ‘Mississippi Showboat’ that is the local Garda Station and the ‘TV Box’ that is the local welfare office. I guess if the state were the developer, then there would be no issues!

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