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Concerning Mr. Lynch’s memory loss regarding ‘recent correspondances’, one wonders what else has been omitted in this area over the years.
It would appear that Mr. Lynch (Town Clerk) and Ms O’Halloran (Town Manager) decide what the Council should be told; take minutes which reflect what they wish to be recorded; and have total and complete contempt for the democratic process.
No wonder permission was granted for the wrecking of Cobh Cathedral as well as the wholesale destruction of the environment on Great Island.
Do any of you remember the breach of planning law which occurred this time last year during the ABP Oral Hearing, when some of participants took core samples of the mosaic floor in the Sanctuary of the Cathedral and then produced same at the Oral Hearing,without either Planning Permission or a Declaration. The silence regarding this law breaking has been deafening and guess who was involved in ignoring this crime – yes, none other than Mr. Lynch.
Someone should inform the people of Cobh that they need not waste their time voting for anyone on the Town Council as they have no say in anything and even if they had, the Council are sheltered from any inconvenient issues by Mr. Lynch and his side kick Ms O’Halloran

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