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There was a very interesting meeting of Cobh Town Council last night. Under AOB Cllr. Sean O’Connor (Independent) asked Mare Noirin Doyle (Labour) what her involvement had been in meetings about further proposals for the interior of Cobh Cathedral. These meetings have been taking place with “concerned” locals, amny of them of closely connected with Denis Reidy, parish priest of Carrigtwohill. Mare Doyle replied that she had no comment. When Cllr. O’Connor repeated the question -and asked the town clerk to minute it – he was interrupted by Cllr. Whitty (Fine Gale), and another friend of Denis Reidy who demanded to know if the question had been directed to the Mare in her capacity as Mare or as a private person. Cllr O’Connor replied that he was merely asking a simple question in the hope of receiving a straight answer. At that point, Mare Doyle replied that she refused to answer the question. Cllr. O’Connor then asked the Town Clerk and the Town Manager if they had been involved in any meetings with the Cathedral authorities about changes to the interior. They replied that they had not been involved in any meetings though they had been asked to have have one some nine mionths ago but nothing had happened. Observers believe that Mare Doyle’s involvement with the Cathedral issue will be likely to have political consequences in Cork East for the Labour party and on the possibilities of electing Mr. Mulvihill to Dail Eireann. Obserevers are somewhat surprised that the Labour party has been so keen to espouse such a deeply unpopular local issue as wrecking St. Colman’s Cathedral. The Town architect, Pierangelo Cacciotti, was not available to be asked a question as he had to be in Rome yesterday for his repeat examinations. Just what the devil is going on in Cobh Town Council?

Watch this space.

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