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Former Dan Ryan garage Punches Cross Limerick

Theres been a fair share of controversy since this project was first mooted last summer, most of the concerns relate to the height and bulk of the development with many claiming it is totally out of character with the surrounding area! The Punches Cross area is predominantly low rise and indeed the new Patrick Punches Hotel across the road (at a modest 2 storeys!) was designed with this in mind!..


Redevelopment of the site will include the demolition of existing buildings and the provision of a mixed use retail/office development comprising (i) an anchor retail store of 4,010 sq.m gross floor space; (ii) 5 No. retail units; (iii) a licensed betting office; (iv) restaurant with ancillary take-away facilities; (v) independent upper floor offices of 4,721 sq.m net floor space; (vi) basement car parking with provision for 460 car parking spaces and (vii) all ancillary infrastructure and site development works including (a) realignment of the existing road network; (b) ESB substation (c) associated signage and (d) land-scaping works.

Address corner of Rosbrien Road Ballinacurra Road Limerick

Limerick Leader 21/12/06

Punch’s plan gets green light

RESIDENTS in the Punch’s Cross area intend to appeal Limerick City Council’s decision to grant planning permission to Robert Butler’s four-storey commercial and office development, according to Defence Minister Willie O’Dea.
City Hall has this week granted permission with 17 conditions attached including that the development be scaled down one floor to four storeys. And while Minister O’Dea welcomes modifications to the development, he says residents are “correct” in going to An Bord Pleanala. Planned is an anchor retail store of 4,000 square metres floor space, five retail units, a bookmakers, restaurant, offices, basement car parking for 460 cars and realignment of the junction at Punch’s Cross. “My understanding is that the residents now intend to appeal this decision to An B—rd Plean‡la and while the area is zoned for commercial development, I don’t believe this type of commercial development is suited to the area,” Minister O’Dea. Among the conditions attached is the proposed development would lose a floor; a management company be set up for the complex; work would be restricted to between 8.30am to 6pm on weekdays and 8.30am to 12.30pm on Saturdays and public holidays and the requirements of traffic management at City Hall be adhered to. A whopping development contribution levy of €2.8 million would also be payable to Limerick City Council. “While the fact that modifications are being made is to be welcomed, I still believe the residents are correct to appeal the decision. It is out of character with the area and the traffic implications for Punch’s Cross in particular are horrendous. As it is the place is facing gridlock,” Minister O’Dea said. The development has faced significant local opposition with some 25 submissions from residents and business people at Punch’s Cross, New Street, Rosbrien Road, Mount Vincent and O’Connell Avenue.

Limerick Post 28/12/06
Punches development still too high – Kennedy

COMPARED to the recently opened Punches Hotel, the proposed development at the opposite side of Punches Cross leaves a lot to be desired, according to local councillor, Pat Kennedy.

Recently, the planned development on the site of the former Dan Ryan’s garage was granted planning permission by Limerick City Council, but it is likely that this will be appealed to An Bord Pleanala.

The source of much controversy during the past months, the original planning application for a mixed commercial/retail development was for a five storey structure that included a late night opening takeaway, which was subsequently dropped.

Following objections from the residents who contended that the development is too dense and too high and would deprive them of light and encroach negatively on their quality of life, the developer Robert Butler, reduced the height by one floor and, speaking to the Limerick Post, he was emphatic that “height was not an issue”.

This week, Cllr Kennedy insisted that the four-storey building now proposed, is still too high.

“Minister Willie O’Dea, also agrees that it is too high. I will support the residents if they appeal to An Bord Pleanala as there’s already huge traffic problems in this area, which would become worse if a development of this density is allowed to go forward,” he said. “It’s out of character with the area, although I didn’t hear too much from my colleagues in Ward 4 on this,” he added.

Cllr Kevin Kiely, from Ward one, accused Cllr Kennedy of assuring the developer he (Kennedy) had his support for the development. This was strenuously denied by Cllr Kennedy.

Other councillors for the Ward 4, Cllr Jim Long and Cllr Maria Byrne, stressed that they met with the residents and made representations on their behalf regarding their objection

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