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@CologneMike wrote:

D-Day approaches for Limerick’s Opera Centre (Limerick Leader)

By ANNE SHERIDAN 03 January 2007

[Cllr Jim Long. “The engineers don’t know if the buildings can be restored to their full potential. The five houses are said to cost in the region of €7million to €10million to restore and there are no takers from retailers to go into these buildings. Under planning conditions outlined by An Bord Pleanala this November, five buildings in the Patrick Street and Ellen Street area must be preserved and restored. “It should have been put to bed in October. We all have to protect our heritage. Granted the Catherine Hayes building has to be preserved but five buildings is extreme,” .

My god!, this man gets more pathetic every time he speaks out (which is becoming a fairly regular occurance now!).. he’s basically the unoficial spokesman for the opera centre!

So it will cost almost €10 Million to restore the five buildings!.. poor aul developers, with all the profits they’ll make from the project, how will they ever afford it?..:rolleyes:

I particularly liked this comment:

“They all want to go into the Opera Centre rather than an old building!”

“An old building?” : its probably a lot more than that, we’re talking about historic, architecturally significant buildings here. If they were restored to their former glory and incorporated into the shopping complex as is planned, im sure they’d give the development a whole new dimension! With clowns like Cllr Long its little wonder we’ve seen so many planning disasters in Limerick over the years!

He’s also critical of the ABP report which I thought was extremely balanced, it favoured the development while also recognising (unlike Limerick City Council) that the georgian buildings were significant enough to be retained! In fairness ABP are an independant body and at least they provide some bit of a safety net. Would anybody trust local authorities alone to make the proper planning decisions?

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