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Riverside Strategy (Managers Report for 2007)

The Riverside is one of the most important natural assets of Limerick City as this is recognisable by the substantial new development investment currently taking place along the riverside. To complement these initiatives by the private sector Limerick City Council has prepared a riverside strategy that aims to re-evaluate the potential of this important public area to create a high quality amenity area that compliments and reinforces the Riverside City image. In this respect several plans are currently being advanced and these include.

a) Clancy Strand
Limerick City Council is currently at tender stage for a project to build new footpaths on Clancy Strand and to provide new high quality lighting. In addition to this substantial new paving works will be carried out around the Treaty Stone and a new riverside park will be created adjacent to the Curragour Park to maximise the riverside views and enhance the experience of the falls. Included in the park will be two new access ramps to the river in support of the kayaking and angling activities. Works are expected to commence in March 2007.

b) O’Callaghan Strand
Plans to create a promenade on the Riverside at O’Callaghan Strand and to upgrade the roadway are at an advanced stage. The Part 8 process was completed in November 2006 and the scheme is now at the detailed design stage. The Council expects to go to tender in February 2007 with construction scheduled to start circa May 2007.

c) Other Riverside Projects
Plans are currently being developed for other schemes along the riverside including:
• Full upgrade of the riverside promenade between Shannon Bridge and Sarsfield Bridge along Bishops, Howley’s and Harvey’s Quay.
• Boardwalk at King John’s castle
• Survey of other potential riverside walks within the city area.
These two schemes will be advanced to Part 8 during the first half of 2007.

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