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I can’t help wondering what kind of people are in charge of planning and preservation in Limerick City Council.
Surely there is a masterplan of what they would like O’Connell st. to look like?
Surely all of the remaining Georgian and Victorian houses at the top end of O’Connell St. and it’s surrounding streets are preserved?
Why then are they allowing for the demolition of entire blocks? Have they learn nothing from the first Savoy site (lifespan approx 17 years).These large blocks are out of scale with everything else around them and they have a very short lifespan.
Contrast these hideous sheds and their “nice” cladding with that new infill building on O’Connell st., close to the Limerick Leader office.
I just walked up from Henry St. to the railway station via Mt Kennet and Hartstonge St. – there is such a wealth of building types up this end of the city that haven’t been fucked up yet – stables, townhouses, mews buildings, the odd industrial warehouses . Admittedly many of them are in a rough state but they are worth being preserved.
Oh, yeah – what’s the story with all the plastic windows in Limerick? If these are listed buildings ( please tell me they are??) how can they get away with putting in uPVC?
Oh, and another gripe – why are all the electricity poles still on the streets? Why are they not underground?

Re-Modelling of Streets & Public Open Spaces

I suppose one would have to generalise to answer your questions? You see funding for street maintenance, renewal and road building is sanctioned in Dublin (Dept. of Finance / Environment). It works on the creaking door principle, it will only get oiled when it creaks. Worse when it creaks and it’s owner lives too far away, then it won’t see too much oil at all. I could then go on to generalise and say that those civil servants living in Dublin and working for the departments of finance and environment would be more sensitive to the needs (creaking door) of the Dublin local authority than the “fucked up” state of the streetscape in Limerick some 200 KM away. There after it is the pecking order for Street renewal funds, first Dublin, then Cork, Galway and then ourselves, and so on. So you will have to be patient with us until we get the chance to drive our electricity poles underground like you do in Dublin! My only concern :rolleyes: with these ESB poles that if they remain any longer on our streets they could end up been listed (ESB Shannon Scheme is now 80 years old).

Nice examples 😡 of ESB poles and hanging wires around the Hartstonge Street area are

Image # 1: Catherine Street: Former Trinity Church (Mid-Western Health Board). –

Image # 2: Pery Street: Former Church (Mid-Western Health Board). -Meerwald-

Image # 3: Pery Square: St Michaels Church. –Cheebah-

Image # 4: Pery Square: Georgian Terrace (Tontine Buildings). –Fustar-

Image # 5: Hartstonge Street: Arup offices.

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