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@justnotbothered wrote:

Don’t think they can begin O’Connell street until the tunnel and link road are built, like it or not, it’s a national route. I agree O’Connell street does need a major renovation though.

Ah but you see its all about forward thinking and planning, Phase 2 of the Limerick Southern Ring was initially due for completion in 2006, yes 2006!:eek: .. However anyone with half a brain could’ve foreseen that this was an optimistic timescale to say the least, as it happened the project only barely made a 2006 start, it’ll now be 2009/10 before its finished. Surely the City Council could’ve had some kind of back up plan if anything got delayed, i.e. an inner orbital route, as it is they’ve done absolutely nothing to reduce traffic levels in the city centre. I know their hands are tied somewhat but a proper city centre traffic management plan couldn’t hurt!

Poxy, I’d be wary about copying Dublin’s plan, while the finishes on O Connell street are of an extremely high standard, I don’t know, I cant help but feel that it’s a bit of a missed opportunity!

The street still isn’t the pedestrian environment everyone was led to believe it would be. It’s still pretty much clogged by traffic and has the appearance more of a national primary route (which it is!) than of the most famous street in the country! It’s basically a dual carriageway with nice shiny pavements on either side. Also a massive failing is the lack of proper street furniture, there basically isn’t a single place to sit down along the whole length of the street, for a project of this scale you’d have Imagined that this would have been a pretty important part of the plan, absolutely unbelievable!:eek: Another thing, the street has a real cluttered look, is there really a need for all those signposts?

What id like to see for our own O Connell Street is more of a minimalist approach, but with the required amount of street furniture and possibly some soft landscaping! Ideally a proper effort to clean up and Improve the buildings along the street would be part of the plan, but I suppose that would be asking for too much!..

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