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@CologneMike wrote:

Seen these photos on:
Look’s like the hotel has been built on the Sir Harry’s Mall road!
Is the through road permanently closed?
Can anybody confirm this?
Which hotel group will move in?
Anybody with an artist’s impression of the hotel?

In the second image I see a building crane alongside the new hotel. Could this be the start of the Kenrite’s Construction development?

Depending on how recent that image is, i would guess that the crane is connected to the development beside barringtons hospital! A new private health facility is being constructed on this site, clearance works started on the site earlier this year and the facility is due to be completed in late 2007, this will double the capacity of the hospital!

As for the opera centre i definately think that Cait ni Ceallachain has some valid points regarding the development! While i agree that michael street isnt going to be transformed into a major shopping street, certainly not without major redevelopment of the opposite side of the street which in the main is home to offices and apartments, it is dissapointing that the frontage to ellen street is so poor! She is right to the effect that limerick city council have long been promoting the idea of vibrant, living streets, its hard to see how a large blank wall can do much to revitalise ellen street. The opera centre development is potentially a great opportunity to extend the city’s retail core given ellen streets proximity to cruises street!

Its also encouraging to see someone taking an interest in the conservation of the rutland street terrace as this is one of the last remaining georgian terraces in the city! At least she wasnt blinded by all the hype surrounding the project! Last year former mayor diarmuid scully said that we should not let “heritage issues get in the way of whats good for the city” More often than not this basically sums up Limericks attitude to its built heritage, do the planners ever learn? How many times does it have to be said?, all you have to do is take a look at the city centre and you’ll see the scars of some horrific planning decisions over the last 40 years!

There really isnt any reason why the vast majority of the existing georgian buildings cant be retained! They’ve added character to Limerick for the best part of 200 years and I for one wouldnt like to see them replaced with more glass and plastic puke!

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