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@CologneMike wrote:

Indeed our four Mid-Western local Authorities must plan together for the common good of the region. We have been very fortunate to have had an organisation such as Shannon Development. They have played a very proactive role in our region and have interacted between these bodies quite successfully.
However the situation for the immediate city itself is in the long run unworkable. I strongly believe that the County Council should have moved to Newcastle West instead of to Dooradoyle. West Limerick has been suffering population decline in recent years. It would have been a boost and would have focused the attention of the county council, to concentrate more on the rural part of the county instead of been preoccupied with the city suburbs.
I agree that the river Shannon needs to be the central starting point when planning for the future of the city is concerned. I would prefer to see the city development move up river as opposed to going further downstream like to Mungret or Coonagh. Simply because residents of Mungret and Coonagh could not easily interact with each other, without having to cross the wide river per tunnel. Whereas a not so wide river Shannon crossing between Corbally and Parteen ensures a relatively easier interaction by foot, bicyle, bus etc, etc.
The idea of city districts (Medieval, Georgian, Docklands) clearly distinguished through street furniture should be taken on board by the city council.
I would have always had considered the Clancy Strand to have seen itself as a part of the “Victorian Ennis Road / Farranshone” residential area than to be seen as an integral part of the medieval Thomondgate. Then what you suggest, the preservation of existing buildings in form of civic amenities, such as a Museum, Art Gallery etc. Would mean redefining this area away from residential, to more to cultural redevelopments. I must admit it has a certain charm to it.

Anyone care to list areas that have enough local characteristics to benefit from designated street furniture?

Agree about the development on the river, but Clare is the problem with the city going that way. I must admit the appalling land waste that exists on the Island field is depressing. It should be vibrant riverfront community, not one of the worst areas in the country (for whatever reason).

The county council seem to have little interest in actually running the county, they are far more interested in building doughnut city around the city proper. Anyhow, crucially, rather than constantly fighting amongst overselves we should get it together and find a way to make the Midwest region the most modern of the regions.

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