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@Thomond Park wrote:

Opposition to Limerick Docks proposals

Any thoughts?

Well why the expensive Tunnel? :confused:

Shannon Estuary Shipping Facilities

Kerry: Ballylongford planned gas terminal (Gas jetty) Deep water facility
Kerry: Tarbert E.S.B. Station (Oil jetty) 80,000 tons DWT
Clare: Moneypoint E.S.B. Station (Coal jetty) 220,000 tons DWT
Clare: Shannon airport (Oil Jetty) 6,500 tons DWT
Limerick: Foynes (Port) Deep water facility
Limerick: Aughinish Alumina (Bauxite Jetty) 80,000 tons DWT
Limerick: Limerick city (Docks) 5,500 tons DWT

Limerick docks has only one advantage in that is situated 60 miles inland thus with small coastal shipping it can reduce the amount of bulk goods on the roads. Where as Foynes port has more to offer with Rail link to national railway network and 230 acres of serviced land. Enough room to grow.

In my opinion the facts above speak for Foynes Port. Shannon Foynes Port Company,3705,en.html Shannon Development

Shannon Development welcomes Shannon Foynes Port Company initiative 🙂

Shannon Development welcomes the Shannon Foynes Port Company initiative of seeking expressions of interest from developers in the redevelopment of Limerick Docklands. The Limerick Docklands area has the potential to be one of the primary economic drivers for Limerick and the region, and Shannon Development has worked closely with Shannon Foynes Port Company and Limerick City Council to explore development opportunities for the Docklands area that would drive the economic regeneration of this important urban area in Limerick City.
Shannon Development would urge all stakeholders to engage in consultation to ensure the maximum economic potential of Limerick Docklands is realised for Limerick City and the Region.


Client: Limerick City Council / Shannon Development / Shannon Foynes Port Company

In association with a team of economists, engineers, transport specialists and planners, Murray O’Laoire Architects prepared an approach to a strategic development plan for the Docklands area of Limerick City.
Limerick Docklands represents a key expansion area for Limerick City which necessitates a forward-thinking and co-ordinated development proposal to ensure a phased and regulated expansion approach. The Team proposed a knowledgeable yet innovative approach to advancing a strategic solution for the development of the Docklands.

It detailed such issues as strategic site objectives, development guideline principles, linkage opportunities, public open space networks, infrastructure requirements, all of which would support and contribute to the proposed development. The approach adopted for the realisation of a strategic development plan promoted an overall Master Plan as an intrinsic element of the market analysis, reflecting and ordering the demand trends emerging from this analysis, promoting a well designed and economically viable extension to Limerick City.

Interesting this project, has been around for sometime. (Maybe even before the decision for the tunnel was made?????)

Meanwhile dark clouds are gathering further down river.
Construction on the fourth river crossing is to begin this year. The method of crossing is per Tunnel to be built under a PPP scheme. The tunnel option was solely to accommodate the city docks because of tidal constraints. I may assume that the Shannon Foynes Port Company lobbied for the tunnel option? If so why a tunnel, when moving to Foynes Port must have been a long foregone conclusion? Since it is more expensive to build a tunnel than a bridge, logically enough the toll-charges to be paid will be proportionately more. The tab will be paid mainly by commuters going to work and from public taxes. At least our wild-geese can fly into the fog banks without hitting any concrete obstacles during take-off. Even the odd navy visit or thoughts of cruise liners berthing along side the clarion hotel will justify the cost! :rolleyes:

Stop the lights lets build a bridge instead? That would be now the worst scenario for Limerick city. It would put so many projects on hold. The pedestrianisation of the city streets can only take place when the NRA has no more Primary roads running through the city centre. The Dublin (N7), Waterford (N24), Cork (N20), Shannon Estuary (N69) and Shannon Airport / Galway (N18). Forty thousand vehicles! 😡

I believe strongly in the concept of the Atlantic corridor connecting Derry, Sligo, Galway, Limerick, Cork and Waterford to offset an imbalance of economic dominance between Belfast and Dublin. This fourth river crossing is part of this jigsaw.

See also

Image #3 Ted Russell Docks
Image #4 Fourth River Crossing just below the docks.

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