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Open Spaces: John’s Square (Part 3 of 3)

John’s Gate (Wall remnants and Citadel)
2 L-Shaped Blocks of Buildings
St. John’s Cathedral (R.C.)
St. John’s Hospital
St. John of the Cross (C. of I.) Home to Daghdha Dance Company
Cemetery (Burial ground C. of I.)
Patrick Sarsfield Monument

Some ideas to improve John’s Square

1. A master plan on the same scale of Galway’s Eyre Square is needed to coordinate a coherent integration of all it’s buildings and above all to create a people friendly open space.

2. Consider seriously the reinternment of all graves in the cemetery to another Church of Ireland cemetery. (See aerial image blue marked area below) (Protected structure and site RPS023/St.Johns Graveyard/7AF03) I believe the following arguments would support this move. Firstly the need for living space, especially open space is required due to the increase in the population density in the vicinity of the square. Secondly the burial ground is a burial ground and not public furniture that the Daghdha Dance Company has acquired as part of the church. We are obliged to observe some respect for the dead and let them rest in peace. Reinternment has taken place to my knowledge in the Sexton St. C.B.S some decades ago where the need to extend the school was required and also at the Good Shepard Convent in recent years before the Art College moved in. Both examples are situated very close to the square. I believe such a move to be a pragmatic one.

3. Banishing of all parked cars from the square, the hospital and cathedral grounds. Replacing them with an underground car park (under the square). This would serve the hospital, the Cathedral and those doing business / shopping in this part of the city centre.

4. Pedestrianize (Cobbled-stone and Landscaping) the square except for the through road from Broad St/Pennywell Rd towards Garryowen Rd/Mulgrave St. No access to Gerald Griffin St. via square or vice versa!

5. Further lowering of the walls around the front of the Hospital, similar to what the Cathedral has done.

6. Convert car park of St. John’s Hospital into a garden amenity for patients, visitors and staff.

7. Higher profile for the Daghdha Dance Company.

8. Support the need for the Wet House and encourage the two off-licences at their doorstep to trade elsewhere.

9. Restore all the basements that have been concealed by footpaths.

10. Massive archaeological dig / excavation likely and should unearth more of our past.

11. Original Limestone paving stones to outline the old walls of Limerick.

12. Restoration of the Fountain at the original location.
I have read of a proposal to replace the fountain with a statue of the late Pope John Paul to mark his visit to Limerick in 1979. This location is in my opinion not suitable just as much as the isolated green park location is also not suitable. It should be positioned in a central location in the cathedral grounds. The people of Limerick made a profound political statement shortly after the famine by building this large cathedral and spire. A positive symbol of our Catholic Emancipation and quest for self-determination. I fear however that the positioning of Pope John Paul’s statute in the public square could be perceived as a form of Catholic Supremacy. Pope John Paul would have no historical context to the history of the square itself! Where as the following person has i.e. Patrick Sarsfield

13. Repositioning the statue of Patrick Sarsfield from the Cathedral grounds to the middle of the pedestrian square. This has been suggested by many Limerick people over the years. He represents all the Limerick people of that time who fought to defend the city against the forces of William of Orange.

Views and ideas from the forum appreciated.

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