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@mopeds wrote:

Hi All
I read this morning that planning has been granted for Coonagh Cross Shopping Centre, Does anybody else think that Limerick has too many suburban shopping centres (Mostly Council built).
Bring on the boundary extension quick please or we will have no City Centre left

I think without doubt Limerick has too many surbarban shopping centre’s, if anything it only further highlights the shambles that is the current situation of 3 authorities governing the city area!, limerick county council dont give a s*** about the city, im sure it wouldnt bother them if the city centre degenerated into a neglected ghost town, all they’re interested in is lining their own pockets, just look at the massive rate earners they have within their jurisdiction, crescent shopping centre, raheen industrial estate, the national technological park! Im just not a fan of these out of town complexes and id be hugely sceptical of this one aswell, the N18 already has very high traffic volumes and this is only going to make things worse, it is a also a seriously substandard dual carriageway with many median crossings, i thought with phase 2 of the ring road they were finally going to do something with it but no, whats their solution?… stick in 2 more roundabouts:mad: , insane!

This is only one of a number of shopping complexes and retail parks currently being proposed for the city(as if we dont have enough of those either!) An even bigger complex is planned for castletroy( adjoining the parkway retail park), provisionally labelled “Parkway Valley”, this received planning permission late last year and was advertised in the property supplement of a national paper earlier this year. this development is proposed to include around 70 units,an office park, cinema and a public park, i found some images of the proposed scheme, it was labelled as “castletroy retail masterplan” , they dont really give much away but in fairness its almost impossible to find any info on the development, the developers behind the project also own a large amount of land across the road and also around the parkway r/bout, expect to see major changes in this area in the coming years!

Good to see someone else putting the boot into roches and brown thomas, roches stores actually looks pretty good since its paint job which only highlights how long overdue it was, the apathy that surrounds the basic upkeep of buildings in the city centre is pretty shocking, some of them look like they havent been cleaned in decades!, i wont even get started on brown thomas:mad: !

BTW i came across this gem of a picture lately, this is the fire that destroyed the old Todds building and the whole block between william street and thomas st in 1959, the whole city centre has taken a serious nose dive since, its safe to say its a considerably uglier place now than it was 50 years ago:(

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