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Hey, just wondering what you all think of the situation regarding all the hotels being built in Limerick.

I think its a joke.

Why are we building so many hotels?? The hilton moving to Limerick is certainly a move in the right direction for the city, and provide the clarion with real competition, but other than that, please. I can maybe understand why they are building the Quality Hotel beside Aldi, cause Limerick doesnt have much in terms of 3 stars hotel, but what is the need for the Royal George hotel and the one they are supposedly building on henry st.?

Add in the radisson and castletroy park hotel, and all of a sudden you have SIX 4-star hotels in the city centre (clarion, hilton, royal george and henry st.), as opposed to the current three. I find the situation baffling and wonder where they expect to get all the business from, let alone finding staff. I know theres a lot of Polish in Limerick, but not enough to work in all these places, as you’ll find Irish people dont work in hotels anymore. And thats not even including the new ‘Quality Hotel’.

If these hotels arent succesful they may become abondened and the front of the building will not be maintained. Would certainly be a backward step for Limerick. Lets not forget the Clarion wasnt running at 100% expect at weekends, and that was before they added on an extra 70 rooms last month.

I seriously think planners in Limerick need to stop and think. Initially they went gung-ho building apartments, then retail outlets, now its hotels. I do agree that all this building is a positive step, but it must be done in moderation with proper planning. I would much prefer if they could sort out the roads infastructure and improving public transport (point of note, what was the whole reason for digging up the childers road?? to add a cycle lane??).

Wouldnt a by-pass created from the coonagh roundabout going by LIT and UL and joining up ay annacotty relieve alot of the current traffic jams??

Anyway those are my thoughts, wondering what you think.


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