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They must’ve been listening about the childers road, maybe i spoke too soon, unfortunately its only a plan at the moment and as the city council only received around €800,000 for roadworks in 2006, its definately not going to happen this year. There is ample space for widening between the parkway and the kilmallock roundabout, however the railway overbridge on the way to roxborough is a problem. When/if this scheme goes ahead the junction for the childers retail park should be removed, it should never have been allowed in the first place as its a serious hazard to traffic, an entrance from the old singland road side would be a much better option as there is already a junction here. The inner orbital routes are also long overdue, we’re never going to get all traffic out of the city centre and a dedicated route around the centre is the best option, hopefully this might accelerate to city centre pedestrianisation programme.

Limerick Post 4th february 2006

City transportation plan gets kick-start

By Marie Hobbins
A WIDENING of Childers Road, the setting up of an inner orbital route and the formulation of a city centre delivery strategy are just some of the measures that will soon be rolled out as part of a new comprehensive transport plan for the city.

At a specially convened seminar, hosted by Limerick City Council’s Transportation Strategic Policy Committee on Tuesday, key issues were identified and the way paved for a programme that will set in motion radical new initiatives to accommodate the increased traffic that will arise from a doubling of the city’s commercial usage.

With major new inner city development due to come on stream next year, there is an urgency in upgrading the city’s traffic management and transport infrastructure.

Tuesday’s meeting identified key issues and will lead on to the establishment of a Transport Forum that will involve the Garda Siochana, Limerick City and County Councils, Bus Eireann and Iarnrod Eireann as well as representation from the Limerick Taxi Drivers Association.

With a pathway and cycle lane currently being established on Childers Road, it was considered opportune to also widen the road in view of the substantially increased traffic volume due to the recent opening of a number of major retail outlets in the area.

“We will formulate a city centre delivery strategy, with no deliveries allowed after 11am and may kick-start this on William Street and Parnell Street and with increased pedestrianisation of the city – William Street, Upper Thomas Street and O’Connell Street will follow, we have to direct traffic elsewhere, which calls for the establishment of an inner orbital route,” Cllr Leddin told the Limerick Post.

It is understood that the first of perhaps two orbital routes will run though Henry Street and on to Arthur’s Quay, to Charlotte Quay up to Gerard Griffin Street, down Parnell Street and on to Mallow Street.

Newly appointed director of services with Limerick City Council, Pat Drummy said he is optimistic that inner orbital routes can be established this year and that with the public consultation process now completed, the green routes are ready to be rolled out.

However the provision of a light rail system, opposition to the tolling of the new tunnel crossing, a dedicated Shannon-Limerick transport service, an increase in the strength of the garda traffic corps, more roundabouts, improved timing of traffic lights and an electronic parking system are other live issues on the immediate agenda.

Cllr Kieran O’Hanlon recommended a northern relief road from Annacotty to Knockalisheen, exiting at the Radisson SAS Hotel.

“The Government plans to build a motorway from Dublin to Annacotty but unless we have another relief road the articulated trucks travelling to Shannon and Clare will use the Dublin Road and Clare Street and proceed through Thomondgate,” he warned.

The councillor also called for the replacement of traffic lights at St Mary’s Church with a roundabout and also at the Childers road junction with Ballinacurra.

“I recommended at the seminar that the National Roads Authority be invited down to hear our concerns and plans when the Forum is set up,” he said.

Satisfied that the Council’s director of services now has a clear idea of how the Transportation Committee would like to progress their plans, Cllr Leddin said: “Mr Drummy will now work on putting a time frame on each of the projects and at our next meeting will put more meat on the bones.”

It is also envisaged to prepare and present a case for a more equitable share for Limerick of Transport Minister, Martin Cullen’s 31 billion euro Transport 21 programme.

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