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@Amazotheamazing wrote:

Not to sound bitter but what the **** was the planning behind the current layout facing Arthur’s Quay Park? The old Dunnes stores is ugly,obsolete dead space, as is the row of shops facing it (beside Martin’s pub) behind Roches stores (currently used as storage for Roches). the garden centre section of Roches is similary a waste of good retail space, it’s fair to say that Arthur’s Quay itself doesn’t embrace it’s view of the park.

My main gripe is that a proper development, facing the park could really add a vibrant section to the riverfront. The park itself is much safer since the cctv was installed and the bushes removed. This is a huge amenity currently being ignored by the city, it has everything the rest of the city seems to lack, ie a sense of space, natural light. The patio in front of the tourist centre would be perfect for buskers or whatever, and the weir and marina looks great from the riverwalk in the park.

The old Dunnes should knocked and a proper, attractive building built there, it is such a missed oppurtunity. Likewise with the derilict block of shops. We shouldn’t be building new streets and ignoring this quarter of town. It could dovetail perfectly with the new look Henry Street.

Good point,
There were many discussions about this topic earlier, I wish I could answer those questions too, The Dunne’s site is really depressing, one would think its closed as there are very few footfall and trading in the building when looking at it, I myself thought it might be closed. As I do think some areas like the Arthur’s quay now put in the shadow when in par with all the new blocks been built around Henry Street and the Quays, The Dunne’s site has huge potential been facing a bridge and two other streets.

I happened to be in Limerick today, and it seems to get busier every time I visit the place, traffic is getting worse.

Bedford row is completely flattened now and nearly ready to build up quite a large site too.
I walked passed the Arthur’s Park and I just can’t understand how they got away with making the Park like a Prison?? I don’t think much will ever be done to the Park, but the least they could do is remover some of the trees and lower the railings, It will give the park more view & easy to see for a start, when considering its practically sheltered from view. In my opinion I’d see rather a flattened Arthur’s quay centre and make a central Plaza there, because there will be a new shopping complex on the Patrick’s street side etc, Then have some leisure/recreation centre or building of tourist attraction, maybe a view out building on top of the existing park, just Ideas….

I wasn’t aware of the new building on Williams street today :confused:
There is a new crane up behind Cruises street onto Denmark street across the road from Smyth’s, anyone know what building is going in there??

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