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Definately a contender for the title of limericks ugliest building, not sure how they managed to get away with it, the planning laws must have been non existant at that time, i imagine the building is around 30 years old or thereabouts, i suppose its not surprising when you see some of the muck that was built in the city centre around that time!, there are a lot of grotty buildings in william street that could do with a serious cleaning, some of them are almost black, fair enough some retailers have refurbished their premises in recent years but a lot more needs to be done as its certainly a street with a great deal of potential, a number of premises have been up for sale or letting recently, high profile premises such as the old gaeltacht cleaners and finns bar have been purchased and hopefully some suitable retailers can be found to give city centre shoppers more of a choice, the sports 2000 shop is also on the market, its definately one of the larger premises in the city centre and is also quite an attractive building.

It isnt often that 3 premises like this come on the market in the city centre, retailers are always complaining about the lack of suitable space, this is their chance. It looks certain that the city centre is going to lose out on some high profile retailers such as zara who are moving into the crescent but this was pretty inevitable as the crescent had set its stall out as to who it wanted for its new wing and it looks like there was no shortage of takers for the units!

I’ve also seen a plan for the george in the local press this week, cant say im too impressed, its a fairly predictable design, lots of windows once again,its roughly the same height as the aib bank next to it and it towers a good 3 storeys above the timberland store on the shannon street side.They’ve kept the original structure intact while removing the 1960s facade, all it basically consists of is stone and steel cladding, its looks pretty cheap in all fairness. Theres still a lot of contradictionary rumours flying around the place, some say its all going to be a hotel while others say retail space will be available on the ground floor, personally i think it’ll be a mixed use development with retail on the ground floor, no clues as to who’s in for it, the virgin megastore had an ad in the paper lately but seen as this development wont be completed until next summer i doubt its going to be them!

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