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I am so glad the point (and this discussion at large) has come to pass. I have for a long time wished I had the insight to bring intuition if my 16 yr old mind to the planning table when Arthurs key Shopping centre was being built. It failed for a number of reasons. 1. It was so over hyped that everyone was very excited about it, so it’s flaws were initially accepted. 2. It was conceived very obviously by someone, perhaps not from limerick, or who had never been to places like paris, rome, copenhagen etc, where the use of space in cities is the very thing that makes them not just attractive to look at, but also places that are nice to be in. Arthurs Quay should have been built, but on the waterfront, where the (junky filled) park now is. The park is a hiding place, but could so easily have swapped position with the shopping centre, making it a wide cobbled centre piece to a city that would evolve promisingly thereafter. Imagine if limerick had a square/open space as its centre: It would be sheltered from the river, and even the shopping center on the river’s edge could have had it’s awful restuarants/cafes on the river front, overlooking the marina and some of the best views in Limerick.

I think the people who failed in their capacity at this level owe the people who are proud of Limerick a debt.

You have some interesting points made on Arthur’s quay,
I just want to highlight it 🙂

Firstly I like your ideas of the land use of the Quay and that plan would work really well and seem to compliment the river and city as whole.

Image hosted by

And old picture of the Quay!
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Secondly. The existing development was a failure from the day it opened (In my opinion), and agree on all points mentioned above, but on a positive note it was probably the only new mall that hit off of its kind in the city at that time,(mid 1980s)
the Building does not blend or give any real buzz of a city mall.
Some thoughts on the SC,
The carpark above gives deadness to both sides of the SC ie patricks st and the Quay.
The plan of thr building is rather boring for a potential site/
the Building does not blend or give any real buzz of a city mall.
No Architectural significance or symbolism for the centre.

Thirdly, Imagine having a revitalised O’Connell’s street and Ellen st/Rutland street makeovers beside a central plaza? (Flattened Arthur’s Quay SC)
Sound exhilarating!

I also think the Arthur’s quay park is a total failure. (Many would agree I guess

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The reasons why I think the park is a Failure
1. Its literally dead end, It’s out of reach when considering it been a city park
2. It does not have any purpose than physically just a view of the river Shannon
(When the entire city is enclaved and surrounded by it!)
4 It’s covered with tress and steps and badly planned, very little opening feeling or atmosphere, “of a park”
5. It doesn’t compliment the river (In my mind)

E.g. if I was a tourist and didn’t Know Limerick to well, I’d probably not even know the park exist. (Not saying you wouldn’t find it possible) Not to mention the very little footfall on it from my experience.

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I think city parks that are cut off or on the peripheral/Isolated areas of the city][/url],
It’s a fine shopping centre, but not with hype and praise, It has graded itself as the largest SC in the Midwest, laughable, I still think with the extension of the Crescent coming on shortly , It will be knocked of the top spot!
Like you said, the City centre development will be another mark in Munster, and claim the title,
I can’t wait to see some images of the city project. 🙂

try a read of the Sunday Times Article on Georgian Limerick, quite interesting 🙂
Link. below,,2771-1761028_2,00.html

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