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It does seem odd that a priavate company is waiting to finance this project for something like 5% the cost of a disjoined luas system and still little action from the powers that be!

Forgive me if I indulge in a little rant but perhaps the visionaries at the department of the environment and local government will remove the word planning from any communication with the outside world and replace it with reactionary. I think the pace of change in ireland at the moment is such that, many government reports etc (despite their best intentions or other wise) become outdated/ overlooked before they’re published. Would it not be a better idea that perhaps given the problems getting infrastructure built in this country that some respectable member of the community up west could rally the locals and build the railway themselves from Derry to Limerick. I’d hazard a guess and say that Knock airport didn’t go hundreds of millions over budget!

Here’s an article i came accross in a recent edition of the LIMERICK POSTal

In a surprise announcement from an unnamed minister at an unnamed department it is expected that the 50000 new houses envisaged for the mid west over the next 15 years are to be built in a great big ribbon from Limerick to Galway either side of a new super dooper fandidlytastic highway (dual carriageway in non-local politician parlance) complete with a great new suburban style neighbourhood centre somewhere between Ennis and Gort.
This idea, it was stated, will satisfy everyones perceived need for a big back yard and parking for at least 3 suv’s while at the same time creating a great new mega Atlantic metroplis which could market itself as having the biggest widest bestest main St ( 64m) – eh sorry trendy European /continental style boulevard in the world – ever!!!
The move was broadly welcomed by those people usually prone to welcoming things with other big and important delirious ministers stating that massive gynormous tax breaks would be made available to those wishing to build holiday homes instead of anything really useful/annoying like those houses that need proper infrastructure and other things that smack of effort. Such a move would justify the recent sidelining of Shannon Development’s plans to bring 20000 new jobs and 4 billion in investment to the region, and sure aren’t those feckers in Limerick full of ideas well above their station anyway – the feckers, it was further stated.
Adding further insight to the government’s plans, one defensive official said that he hoped the dublin meedya wouldn’t get hold of the news ’cause they’d only try and use it to link it to violence and make smart comments at Limerick’s expence, he also elaborated by saying that he supported government policy in the region and that anyone who didn’t could feck off up to Dublin/Portlaoise and sure what was the point of having all that overpriced sprawl up there if no one was going to live in it.
Public reaction to the news has so far been apathetic and largely mute as everyone is still stuck in traffic at the bleedin Parkway roundabout. However one shady looking character, spotted near Sarsfield shopping centre offered the following, ” come here i want ya sham” adding “goway outta dat or I’ll stab ya, ya posh la”

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