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THE fate of the €20 million redevelopment of Limerick Boat Club will be decided next Monday.

But Michael Daly of Fordmount Developments, the joint applicants of the project, said he was disappointed that the amount of capital the company have invested in the city “didn’t seem to cut any ice” with Mayor of Limerick Cllr John Gilligan, whom he met last Thursday.

“Everyone I’ve spoken to said it’s a fantastic project, but I had hoped to get a better hearing from the mayor. I had hoped that what we’re spending in the city as a small company, and with the plans we have for the future, that it would have counted for more,” said Mr Daly.

Mayor Gilligan had previously told this newspaper he would not be “blackmailed” :confused: into voting in favour of the plans, which members say could be forced to close if the plans are not given the go-ahead. “Hard decisions have to be made when you’re planning a city and my answer will be ‘no’,” said Mayor Gilligan.

Tuborg to be fair (irrespective of its merits, good, bad or indifferent), the developer made a very direct point on Mayor Gilligan’s doorstep, as Gilligan playing to the gallery last year was first to the win the race to blast the proposal outright without leaving the door open for the developer to have a second opportunity to modify it.

Strangely enough the same Gilligan has no heritage whims about Patrick Street / Ellen Street or the proposed pvc tinsel roof to cover the Milk Market and he supports them both outright. His beggar bowl talk is all about the government financing St Mary’s Park regeneration, the government setting up a task force to tackle the mega fall-out from Dell or the government solving our serious crime issues.

But god forbid when a local takes risks by building quality commercial buildings in his home town and then received the p*ss-off treatment from the city’s first citizen. That sucks.

This boat club proposal on the pier has the potential to destroy the cut-stone bridge as it is a very difficult site to develop. Having said that I have warmed to the modern design of the “Poor Mans Kilkee” side, that depicts oars and sails. If it goes ahead, then again the materials used will determine its success or not.

See also this.

Again to be fair, Daly said he would walk away from the proposal if it was voted against and he never threaten to spend his capital elsewhere as Chieftain Construction said if they didn’t get their own way in Coonagh.

If the original piers (floating docks) where built a bit wider then it would have been very likely that five-six storey stone warehouses would have been built on them. Thus giving the argument for or against height today, another perspective.

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